About the Baakens Valley pedestrian bridge

About the Baakens Valley pedestrian bridge


Why build the bridge?

The purpose of the Bridge is to continue the walk-way currently underway at the Vuyisile Mini Square. The bridge connection is an important component in the city’s movement plan which is to link the Baakens Valley with the city centre. It will further enable access to more parking on the north bank of the river for events on the south bank. This will influence increased numbers of visitors to activities happening in the Tramways building and other urban regeneration and tourism events in the Valley.


What will the Baakens Bridge achieve?

The bridge will provide a safe walking route for pedestrians, to slightly alleviate the parking congestion currently experienced by the city; provide easy connection to pedestrians from the city centre to the Valley. From the valley pedestrians can use the timber boardwalk at the St Peters land to South End. The City has a shortage of public meeting spaces, this project will provide a journey in an area filled with beautiful history of the Bay.


What is special about this Bridge?

The bridge is primarily designed to be as functional and practical as. The area is also known for its 100 year flood line and so the bridge must be able to withstand the occasional flood. The agency is also considering the use of composite materials due to their environmental, strength and versatile characteristics.


How long will it take to complete?

The construction will take 10-12 months to complete.


Members of the public are welcome to make their choice known by emailing create@mbda.co.za or visiting the MBDA’s Facebook page and take part in the poll.